Nature Boy Designs Dealers


Where to find NBD

Below is a list of our current NBD dealers around the globe.  They  all offer some great products so we invite you to check them out and  offer your support. If you are interested in becoming an NBD Dealer  please contact us directly at (510) 299-6875.


Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters
Shelley, ID and Bay Area – CA
Tel: (415) 659-9356

Red Truck Fly Fishing Company
Tel: (208) 351-9037

Reel Anglers Fly Shop
Grass Valley, CA
Tel: (530) 477-5397


Nomad Anglers
Grand Rapids, MI
Tel: (616) 805-4393 

New York

Old Souls
Cold Springs, NY
Tel: (845) 809-5886

North Carolina

The Sporting Gent
Charlotte, NC 
Tel: (704) 896-5600


Emerald Water Anglers
Seattle, WA
Tel: (206) 708-7250


Reliant Fishing Tackle AB
Sörahemsvägen 40
184 37 Åkersberga, Sweden